The museum

The collection of the Diocesan Museum and Tiepolo Galleries comprises about 700 works, some of which are on show to the public.

A large part of the artistic heritage kept in the Museum comes from the parishes of the Udine diocese. The section of wood sculpture is almost completely made up of such works which, for conservation and preservation reasons, have been collected in a structure which guarantees better security compared to their places of origin. The rooms which house the different collections and the main floor are another exellent trait of the Museum. In the palace it is possible to admire the beauty of the 18th century frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo who, by wish of Patriarch Dionisio Dolfin, decorated the  ceiling of the Scalone d’onore (the monumental staircase), the Galleria degli ospiti (the Guests gallery) and the Sala rossa (the Red room). On the main floor it also possible to admire the suggestive grotesques by Giovanni da Udine in the Sala azzurra (the Blue room), the stucco work in the Sala gialla (the Yellow room) and the Libreria patriarcale (the Patriarchal library) in which a rich book heritage is kept.